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Festina Lente


The secret insole that is comfortable and makes you taller without anyone noticing,
change of the outsole style of your preference, change of materials or colors that is suits the outfit,  and etc.   

Have you ever been in a situation where you really like a product, but you want to change just a tiny bit of that product?

We produce shoes only for you by adjusting to your needs including change of heel height, color and material.

We reflect on any preference as much as possible for customers with inconveniences such as big feet, different leg length or shape due to accident when manufacturing our shoes.


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Short delivery time, Reasonable price

Everyone`s feet is different in shape and size. To make order shoes that fits your feet, it is necessary to make the last that fits your feet first. 

However, the last takes weeks and very expensive to create. 
Therefore, the cost of bespoke order-made shoes is also very high.

We, Festina Lente, makes cost-friendly order-made shoes in a short period of time by adjusting our own lasts to fit the customers' feet.

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